Are There Any Good Kids Books About Food?

You’re looking for kids books about food because you’re concered with your childs health.

You want more information about food and how your kid can eat healthier.

You’d like help in helping your kid lose weight by eating less junk food and by becoming more active.

You’re worried your child may someday be obese and contract diabetes, heart disease or other illnesses that shporten their lives.

Am I right so far?

Good! You've come to the right place.

How important is eating the right foods?

"Nutrition is an important aspect of medical care and is a contributing factor to 8 of the 10 leading causes of death in the United States." (From the Department of Nutrition Sciences and the Office of Educational Development. The University ofAlabama at Birmingham).

From the same report. I suggest you take a deep breath, because if you're like me, you'll be astonished at what I'm about to share with you.

As of 1987 only 20% of all medical schools had a required free-standing course in nutrition. ( Swanson AG. Nutrition education. Acad Med 1989:64:84.)

Is there any wonder that our kids, not to mention the adults, in the USA, have so many health problems?

OK, you may be thinking that study was done over 20 years ago. Things are different now.

Here's more recent information, which will show you the need for kids books about food.

The Journal of the American College of Nutrition, Vol. 27, No. 2, 287-298 (2008) published an article in 2008 titled What Do Resident Physicians Know about Nutrition? An Evaluation of Attitudes, Self-Perceived Proficiency and Knowledge conducted by the following medical community:

  • Marion L. Vetter, MD, RD,
  • Sharon J. Herring, MD,
  • Minisha Sood, MD,
  • Nirav R. Shah, MD, MPH and
  • Adina L. Kalet, MD, MPH.

The results: Although 77% agreed that nutrition assessment should be included in routine primary care visits, and 94% agreed that it was their obligation to discuss nutrition with patients, only 14% felt physicians were adequately trained to provide nutrition counseling.

You can read the article yourself at the Journal of the American College of Nutrition web site.

I know you might be shocked by this information. Don't believe me, check out the article for yourself.

I've been studying food and diet and nutrition on my own for over 25 years, because I've known doctors have little or no training about diet and nutrition and how foods work in our bodies.

Can you imagine car mechanics knowing nothing about gas and spark plugs and working on your car?

Don't panic, though.

I'll direct you below to excellent books by doctors who have studied diet and nutrition. You won't be left alone in your quest for kids books about food and knowledgeable doctors.

Every morsel of food that enters your body temple has an affect on your body.

If the food is healthy, nutritious, free from chemicals and pesticides and other harmful additives, there’s a chance it can nourish your child’s body, mind and spirit.

Here’s info from he Center for Science in the Publisc Interest about 10 Worst and Best Foods.

Being a vegetarian, I don't agree that salmon is a best food, but the Center has incredible scientific backed research that'll educate you and awaken you to the need for studying kids books about food.

The reason there aren’t more kids books about food is that most doctors aren’t qualified to write kids books about food.

The essence is keep your food choices simple; research being a vegetarian, who wants her stomach to be a graveyard for dead animals?

Organic food is definitely a plus if available. In the long run, you’ll save on medical and health issues as it’s proven that pesticides and poisons from additives and the like cause kids bodies harm.

Lay the groundwork.

Grow sprouts. Teach kids to grow sprouts. it’s fun, easy, simple and highly nutritious.

Talk with alternative medicine practitioners about the benefits of eating a whole food, live food, raw food, living foods diet.

Experiment, play around, test fresh foods. They're tasty, energizing, life producing and cause the least amount of harm to other souls.

Health and Nutrition for Kids - An Excellent Source

The first resource I'll send you to is Dr. Sears. He's created a Grow Your Child Smart program divided into 2 groups: one for kids 3-6, the other group for kids 7 - 12. (By the way, I've no financial interest in recommending Dr. Sears).

For example, kids in the 3-6 age group receive the following benefits from following his program:

  1. Learn More,
  2. Run Faster,
  3. Be Happier,
  4. Behave Better,
  5. Sleep Sounder,
  6. Be Sick Less Often.

And Dr Sears will help you

  1. Make Healthy Living Easy & Quick
  2. Discover Fun Activities
  3. Find Easy Ways That Will Engage Your Child
  4. Avoid Dangerous Ingredients & Foods
  5. Understand Confusing Nutritional Information
  6. Save Time & Money With Fewer Doctor Visits.

For more details consult Dr. Sears for kids books about food and much, much more.

Here's additional resources, information and

health books for kids.

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