Memorable Way to Define Friendship - Love in Action

Can we really define friendship as love in action and be satisfied that covers the various meanings of friendship?

Can you teach your kids this simple definition of friendship and rest assured she gets it?

For me, most certainly. importance of friendship

Think about the friends you have.

Think about why they're friends and how important friends are to your happiness and well-being.

Is there one common denominator all friendships share?

Love in action.

Friends listen to each other. A sure sign of love in action.

Friends support each other. Ditto.

Friends go out of their way for each other. Love in action.

Friends help out as needed.

Friends tell the truth to each other, not to hurt one another, but to help them out. (This is a very tricky area. Until your friendship has reached a deep, intimate, very trusting relationship, tread with caution.)

These short poems about friendship sum up friendship:

Friendship takes its time to grow;
friendship plows through ice and snow.

Friendship lasts through ups and downs;
friendship brings more smiles than frowns.

You can check out this definition of friendship as you consider the

Importance of Friendship

All of life revolves interactions with other people and ourselves.

The sooner you help your child become best friends with herself, then help her to make friends, the sooner she learns the many advantages and disadvantages of friendship.

The beautiful aspect of friendships is that friendships that are long lasting deepen over time.

You learn more and more about the human frailties as well as the strengths of your friend.

importance of friendship - 2 old friends Can you imagine having the same friend for over 85 years?

My 90 year old mom has a friend she met when she was five years old.

They definitely grasp the importance of friendship and have shared much love in action through their friendship all these years!

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