Childrens Books that Help Kids - You Just Need to Keep Looking, They're Available Everywhere

Childrens books that help kids are readily available, some more so than others. In my opinion, and from past experience, local librarians are the best place to start.

I've asked librarians in Idaho, New Mexico, Vermont, California and Connecticut (yes, I move a lot), to assist me in finding appropriate books, in editing my childrens books, and for all sorts of help and guidance. They've been wonderful and exceptionally helpful.

Doing a Google Search is the next best avenue for finding childrens books that help kids.

I'm unable to vouch for the quality of the books you'll find. However, when you find a book that interests you, you can then do an Amazon search to see what readers and reviewers have to say about it.



Childrens books that help kids are important to your child's emotional and spiritual well being, something you may not always find in traditional schools.

For example, childrens books on diversity help kids understand that people

  • from different cultures,
  • with different skin colors,
  • who speak different languages,
at the end of the day, they are just like you and me: people.

We are all the same, we all come from the same source.

If you're looking for childrens books that help kids deal with death, for example, check out...

Childrens Books on Death

Children experience different types of death regularly.

Your child's favorite pet dies. This is the end of life for the pet, as well as the end of the friendship between the two. Thus, a dual death.

Your child's best friend moves to another town (this may be the beginning of the death of the friendship or in rare cases, the continuation of a lifelong, long distance relationship).

If your child happens to be part of a family that experiences a divorce, childrens books on divorce can serve an important role in assisting your child through this extremely difficult time.

In some cases, divorce is like a death of one of the parents for kids. And from what I've read, kids often feel they are to blame for the divorce.

What society in general hasn't yet learned about divorce is that kids really suffer a lot emotionally.

I know how resilient kids are, how they bounce back and can deal with lots of things.

But I also know that kids between ages 1-6 who experience a divorce of their parents must get professional help if they are to have any chance at emotional well being.

My parents divorced when I was 4 years old. Mom caught dad running around with other women, she divorced him, got back on her feet, remarried and created a wonderful life for herself and us children.

But, I was left with many emotional wounds that took years to even recognize (I have no blame here, I love mom, and in fact, I moved into her house to assist her through the aging process).

learned the hard way that until I learned to manage my emotions healthily and express my emotions rather than stuffing them, I would remain one of the walking wounded.

I spent decades healing the emotional wounds from early childhood, until now I am healthy emotionally.

Kids who don't get help with their emotions as kids, become adults with emotional problems. Guaranteed. No way around it.

Our subconscious stores all of our past thoughts and feelings until they are released. Check out health education for kids to deepen your understanding of the problem and to find inspiration empowering children.

But the fact remains that as a nation, we would benefit our kids by recognizing the importance of emotional health and well being.

Kids books that help with self esteem assist as well, because self-esteem is all about feeling good about yourself.

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