Can Character Education Ideas Lead to Action?

Character education ideas are a popular, highly charged, topic for discussion in the USA.

And, many schools, church groups and non-profit organizations offer training materials and character education books, resources, and materials for children.

Poll after poll shows how unhappy and upset the American public is from the many problems we have:

  • People are disgusted with rampant dishonesty in business and government, which led in part to the historic election of Barack Obama as the first Afro-American President.

  • People are unhappy with our low level health care system, despite how wealthy a nation we are.

    More people live without health insurance, causing stress and worry for these families and individuals.

  • Teachers see more disrespect and disregard in their classrooms than in previous generations. More kids come to school with weapons.

  • Some states allow gay marriages showing they are tolerant of all people.

    Other states make it illegal for gays to be married. Lastly,

  • our economy is in a state of havoc. Millions of people have lost or are fearful of losing their homes and their jobs.

As a nation, we no longer have a strong set of common values to unite us.

And as a result, we've lost our spiritual, moral, and ethical values that once made us the most well-respected, honored nation worldwide.

Can we regain our prominence in the world by changing our values as a nation?

Continue on if your answer is yes, but know for certain, it all begins with you and me. The character education ideals, information, and strategies are available.

But we must begin with ourselves as individuals.

Let's begin by looking at a short list of character traits and their meanings:

  1. Peaceable means not argumentative, quarrelsome, or hostile: a peaceful disposition.
    It was the most challenging of times, yet she remained peaceful because she was level headed and optimistic.
  2. Optimistic means
    1. disposed to take a favorable view of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome.
    2. reflecting optimism: an optimistic plan.
    3. of or pertaining to optimism.
  3. Level headed means having common sense and sound judgment; sensible.
  4. Honest means being honorable in principles, intentions, and actions; upright and fair: an honest person.

Each word represents a positive character trait and forms the foundation of the following character education ideas and ...

Character Education Strategies Energize our Hearts and Souls

The American people have a great spirit to draw upon. We're rich in overcoming adversity and meeting challenges head on.

President Obama inspires people because he is optimistic, level headed, calm, peaceful and honest.

He knows we face big challenges and he's prepared to solve them, with our help.

One of our character education ideas is to show children how brave and strong you are as mom.

Be honest with them when they ask about problems, but do your best to refrain from being excessively worried and fearful.

Instead adapt an optimistic outlook on life, trust that you'll be able to solve your challenges with a little bit of help from your friends, as an old Beatles song said.

Perhaps spend more time with your kids in nature, doing things where you spend less money, buy less things, and share your loving heart more with your kids.

Use prayer when challenges seem overwhelming. Ask for help.

I'm not minimizing your troubles or your feelings.

I am however suggesting you watch your negativity and monitor it less it spread unnecessary doom and gloom into your kid's hearts and minds.

The way you model your life offer the best character education ideas for your kids to copy.

Every action you take has an impact on them.

Every thought you think affects them.

You are their leader.

Here are specific ideas on

character traits of extraordinary leaders that will inspire you and empower your kids as you strengthen your leadership muscles.

Here are character education ideas about teaching character traits to your kids.

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