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I wrote my master's thesis on Wellness Education in the Corporation, proving that those companies who valued their employees as their most important assets, were those companies reducing absenteeism, increasing profits, and helping their employees stay healthy.

Parents and teachers who provide excellent character education and lesson plans to their children give children a lifelong gift of knowing the difference between good and bad character traits.

Whether you're teaching manners to children or inspiring your kids with Christian character education, Hindi character education or American character education, you want your kids to feel empowered by the character education and lesson plans you utilize.

There is a wide range of character education activities and resources you can choose from. To read reviews about

  • character education resources,
  • lessons,
  • books,
  • activities and
  • ideas about character traits,
visit character education and lesson plans.

The people of the United States are in the midst of examining more thoroughly what makes for good character traits versus bad character traits.

We are seeing such corruption, dishonesty, greed and a host of other negative character traits in our CEOs of financial institutions, on Wall Street, throughout the entire business community that we're being forced to examine our values as individuals and as a nation.

I won't even discuss the disappointment we've all felt by what has taken place in our churches and schools regarding sexual misconduct towards our young people.

We are in great need for a transformation of our values and what we consider as important goals worthy of dedicating our lives to.

The more you can guide your children to be able to discern the values important to you and your family, the better chance we have in becoming a nation that is highly respected throughout the world.

We need young people who can lead by example, people whose talk matches their walk. For too long, our beautiful country has been spending money we don't have.

Change is necessary BUT it won't happen overnight.

You can read about character traits of extraordinary leaders here.

For a few outstanding...

Character Education Books

by the incomparable Dr. Seuss that deal with the positive character traits of accepting and kindness, visit character education lessons.

Here's a link to character education lessons.

Character Education Projects

If you want an example of character education and lesson plans that empowers your kids with positive character traits, why not create one or more character education projects?

Here's an idea for one character education project:

  1. Think about all the free character education resources you have at your disposal, i.e., your
    • local library,
    • fire station,
    • police station,
    • senior centers,
    • churches and synagogues and
    • assisted living facilities for seniors
  2. Choose one, for example, an assisted living center.
  3. Call the center, ask to speak with the person in charge of Activities and Recreation.
  4. Have your child, regardless of age, talk with this person and request the opportunity to visit and meet some of the residents so she can interview them about important life lessons they've learned.
  5. Schedule the visit and go to the center.
  6. Have you child ask the person(s) after the interview:"What are the three most important character traits you found for your life?"
  7. Have your child take notes, even if just jotting down the 3 character traits.
  8. Thank the person for the interview.
  9. Return home and discuss what your child has learned.
  10. Have her write a Thank You note to the person interviewed.

Are you getting the idea how to create your own character education and lesson plans through character education projects?

Here's a place where you can get examples of character traits for your character education projects.

Good Luck! Have fun!

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