Inspiring Short Friendship Poems

Short friendship poems show the importance of friendship in a few words.

Poems are not the same as friendship saying or comments, though the results are the same.

People grasp what friendship is.

Poems can be rhyming or not, funny or sad, meaningful or whimsical.

The following poems are simple in nature, thus children can easily grasp the value of friendship.

Here’s the first poem:

Friendship makes the world go round,
friendship lifts you off the ground.

meaning of friendship-small kid on shoulders of big person This cute friendship poem shows the true meaning of friendship, i.e., makes the world go round.

Friends hanging together often feel they are in a special place, where time and space disappear, they’re so alive in the present.

A meaningful friendship has the power literally to make you feel bigger and taller than you are, to transport you to a new dimension.

This friendship makes you feel things you don’t feel when not communicating with your special and close friend.

Here’s the next poem:

Friendship comes in big and small,
friendship comes in short and tall.

There is no recipe for friendship, no magic formula that has to be met for friendships to occur. There are however some things that all friendships have in common, but the friendships have nothing to do with size.

One of my closest friends weighed over 230 pounds at one time, where I weigh 130 dripping wet. He’s an Afro-American, I’m Caucasian.

In Spanish, we called ourselves Gordo Y Flaco, fat and thin.

As the next short friendship poem shows, friendships can begin anyplace.

Friendship starts in many ways
friendship makes for jolly days.

You never know where and how a long term friendship can start. The more you do things you love, the better chance you have to meet others who have your shared interest.

That’s often how I make friends and keep them, i.e., doing things we love.

It’s much easier launching into a discussion when you’re engaged in an activity that warms your heart, that relaxes you and allows you to be more yourself.

The next of my short friendship poems is:

Friendship keeps you warm at night,
friendship keeps you close and tight.

Friends show they care for each other by

  1. listening to each other,
  2. helping one another feel valuable,
  3. being there for each other when needed.

You sleep better at night after sharing your heart with a caring friend, which also makes for a beautiful friendship.

The following poem shows the

Importance of Friendship

Friendship helps you through rough days,
friendship brings the sun’s warming rays.

Remember days when the roof leaked, rushing off to a meeting only to discover a flat tire, you know what I'm talking about.

Yet you picked up your phone to call a close friend and she listened with full attention, then inspired you to move forward with your day as best you could.

The special, intimate bond of friendship is like the warming rays of the sun, and can melt the cold, dark and damp fearful images your mind conjures up.

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