Self Publishing Childrens Books - Know Who You Are and What You're Willing to Do Before Self Publishing

If you're thinking about self publishing childrens books, as I stated on publishing childrens books, you need to know what you want out of the whole process of self publishing your child book.

Make sure you're honest with yourself when asking:

  1. "Why self publish?"

  2. "What do I hope to achieve if I self publish my own ebook or hard cover childrens book?"

  3. "Do I have the energy to do what is required to make my childrens book self publishing venture worthwhile?"

Your answers to these questions determines the direction you take regarding self publishing childrens books.

Although it's an easy process to get your book in print, it's a challenging, time consuming, rejection-filled process marketing and selling your self published childrens book.

Yes, authors self publish and many new avenues exist for marketing and selling books that never existed in the past for the self published author.

However, unless you're willing to do the necessary work in marketing and sales, you'll end up like I did if you choose to self publish and are unwilling to market.

When I self published my first childrens book in 1992, I was certain the book would be a huge financial success. Why else would I have ordered and paid for 5,015 copies to be printed and shipped in boxes of 50 books each?

You wouldn't believe how much space 101 boxes of books take up when you put them in your living room, bedroom and they completely take over your whole house!

I ordered that many books because I was able to get an outstanding break on price; however, ultimately, I ran out of steam marketing and selling and gave away thousands of free books to local elementary schools in Santa Rosa, CA.

That's why I'm warning you over and over on these pages to be sure about your intentions, motives, goals and capabilities when you decide to...

Self Publish a Child Book

If you've decided you simply want to explore more options before jumping into self publishing childrens books, check out what this highly visited website says about self publish a child book. It looks like a source of excellent info, however, I haven't used them as a self publisher of childrens books.

One company I'm familiar with and almost invested in 15 years ago or so is Trafford Publishing, one of the first publishing companies for author self publishers.

They have a good reputation but I've never contacted any of the authors who have self published childrens books with them to see how Trafford stood regarding marketing and sales help.

Before you decide to be a self publisher, visit The Well-Fed Writer . The author wrote The Well-Fed Self-Publisher and really knows his business and is very successful financially.

I can recommend him as a great source of honest information about self publishing childrens books.

Here's info about how children can self publish.

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