Inspirational Friendship Poems

The first of our inspirational friendship poems shows how listening to your friend makes a world of difference in your friend's life.

Friendship poems, friendship poetry, friendship quotes and friendship messages skillfully deliver a message your heart needs to hear.

For example, in the following poem about friendship, grasp, then teach your children the skill of listening deeply to others.

Listen Deeply, Friend
People are suffering, their tears torrential rain;
your compassionate, kind heart soothes their pain.

Silence your mind to listen with care.
Friends who listen deeply are truly rare.

Your brilliant and wise words you love to let loose,
until a person feels heard, 'tis like speaking to a moose.

Listening is one of the important skills your child needs to learn to make and keep friends.

Another of our inspirational friendship poems focuses on valuing life.

Make Your Life Precious

Be passionate about your gift of life
or take out a subscription to Boredom & Strife.

Whether you're wallowing in pain, or hurting and sad;
a shift in attitude makes you grateful and glad.
Life is precious, there's always hope.
one good friend can help you cope.

With support from friends, have a joyous life;
care for yourself or your life will be strife.

Caring for yourself empowers your heart;
You can begin anytime to launch a new start.
As you care for your body, your heart and soul,
you inspire thoughts to be courageous and bold.

As you watch your thoughts that zoom through your mind,
befriend those that make you loving and kind.

Importance of Friendship

As we lose friends, which every one does sooner or later, we come to see the importance of friendship in a new light.

We learn that it's necessary to be honest with others.

Here's one more of our inspirational friendship poems focusing on

Honesty with Others
Fooling others is simple, its not hard to do;
and over the years, I’ve fooled quite a few.
After life times of deception, I got sick inside,
feeling the anguish of telling untruths and lies.

When I stopped fooling myself, I fooled others less,
My life became more peaceful, I live with less stress.

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