Imagine Christmas Every Day

The Meaning of Christmas - Christmas is Every Day

Once upon a time, in a land far from nowhere and next to somewhere, there lived a hermit named Hymie.

Hymie was old, so old in fact that his long hair weighted him down and made him walk like a hunchback.

So old that his teeth, no matter how regularly he brushed and flossed them, glowed eerily and shone forth like the sun when he smiled.

So old he could only shuffle his feet as he shuttled about his tiny hut.

You might think since Hymie was old, feeble, and could only shuffle small steps, that he felt sorry for himself.

But you would be mistaken!

Hymie loved life. Joy resided in every painful bone in his body, in every ugly looking wrinkle on his face, joy even swam smilingly in his blood stream.

Hymie loved life so much he felt it was Christmas every day.

Now you might be wondering how could such a sorry-looking, bent-over, misshapen man find so much joy in his life.

I happened to ask Hymie that question right before he passed on. He barely uttered the word, between gasping breaths.

One simple word he said. Can you guess what that word might be?

I?ll give you a hint. Hymie read over his Gratefulness Inventory daily and despite his excruciating aches and pains, he somehow managed to find a silver lining in everything.

Now you must have said that the word is gratitude.

For Hymie, gratitude made every day Christmas.

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