Learn How to Self Publish Poetry - It's Easier than You Think

You've written inspiring poetry and want to know how to self publish poetry.

You figure that if your poetry knocks your partner's socks off, the world must be awaiting to hear from you.

You're anxious to share your poetry with friends and co-workers, but you're also thinking "Hmn, can I make a few bucks selling my poetry?"

Am I right so far?

Great. You've come to the place.

I can share with you how to self publish poetry once you're clear on a number of issues. Ask yourself the following questions before you decide anything about publishing your poetry.

Questions to ask:

  1. What do you plan to do with your self published poetry?

  2. Do you want to sell it, give it away as gifts, or just let others read it?

  3. Do you want people to comment directly to you about your poetry?

  4. Do you want them to tell you what a great/lousy/awesome/miserable poet you are?

  5. Do you want feedback to make your poetry writing better or do you just want to see how you compate to other poets?

  6. Are you willing to market and sell your poetry books if you decide to self-publish poetry?

You have lots and lots of questions to answer as you decide which direction to follow regarding how to self publish poetry.

I self published a book of rhyming verse a few years ago. Some people called it excellent poetry while others laughed and snickered

I took the following steps in learning how to self publish poetry. I

  1. wrote the book,
  2. created a title,
  3. wrote the back cover,
  4. hired an artist to add graphics to it,
  5. hired a graphic artist to prepare it for printing,
  6. chose to self publish 500 hard copies,
  7. paid $2300 to Indian publisher,
  8. printed them in India (huge shipping costs but cost of printing per book very low),
  9. did little or no marketing,
  10. built a web site promoting the book,
  11. sold a few e-Books of the book, and
  12. 3 years later, have 450 copies sitting in stacks, covered by a blanket, in my garage.

Here’s an example from HeartMinders: Spiritual Lightposts Reminding Your Heart to Love.

Be Your Purpose

Knowing your life purpose, inspires you be bold.
If you die this moment, you have memories of gold.

If you tend to wonder why you're here on earth,
living your purpose increases self-worth.
People respond to your kind, upbeat heart,
you care for others, you become heart smart.

You choose more precisely what you do each day.
Living authentically is your honest pay.
At the end of your life, your regrets are small,
You’ve shared lots of love, your heart stands tall.

Let’s say you want to self publish a poetry book.

You have many choices. Do you want it to be an online printable e-Book of poetry or are you wanting a few dozen poetry books to impress all the women in your life?

Web technology has created many options for self publishing poetry and self publishing childrens books that didn’t exist 10 years ago.

How to Self Publish Poetry
Step 1: Write your poetry book. If you’re going to try to make momney self publisdhing poetry, good luck. You’ll have your hands full with marketing chores. You must be entirely committed to the process of selling and marketing else you’ll be wasting your hard earned money.

Step 2: Have your poetry book edited, proof read, (you can read it aloud to see how it sounds). Hire a professional editor, you’re too close to your work to be objective.

Step 3: Name your book (if you’re in this to make money, you’d name the book before you even start writing it). Your title is what grabs people’s attention. You have 8 seconds of browsers time to make an impression that says, I want to know more or see more.

Step 4: Build a web platform based on your passion for poetry. (I'm doing it for my passion for publishing childrens books and making money).

Step 5: Write press releases. Find poetry reviewers where you can send sample copies of your self published poetry book when the book is published.

Step 6: Find a publisher or self-publish. Below find leads to self publishing.

Step 7: Keep building your web site. Attract poetry lovers to your site through building pages they're seeking.

Step 8: Place samples of your poetry on your web site, including samples from your book.

Step 9: Your books arrive. Enjoy the journey of learning how to self publish poetry, it's a whale of a ride!

Authors Self Publish

More authors self publish these days for a variety of reasons.

Here's an informative site about how to self publish poetry.

I haven't used any of their services, so I can't recommend them one way or the other.

However, they do an excellent job of explaining the various steps involved, what programs to use to prepare your book, and the like.

More authors choose to self publish both e-Books as well as hard copy books.

Poetry books, as I know you know, sell very few copies.

So, keep that in mind when you make your decision.

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