How Friendship Sayings Help You Understand the Importance of Friendship

Friendship sayings give you a deeper understanding of true meaning of friendship the importance of friendship and how special friends are.

Friendship means different things to each of us. Men and women, boys and girls, look at friendship in very different ways.

Yet, both have at least one thing in common: men’s friendships and women’s friendships nurture the hearts of each friend. true meaning of friendship -group of teen boys and girls holding arms

Even if men and women make and keep friends in different ways, what’s most crucial in life is to learn how to keep the friends you make.

And a great place to start is learning how to become your own best frend.

Girls especially are taught at an early age to take care of other people, to make sure everyone is taken care of and how important the needs of other's is.

Thus girls become women who often are great at caring for others but have a harder time caring for themselves.

That’s why it’s so necessary to help your child learn how to

  • love herself
  • care for herself,
  • set healthy boundaries,
  • express her needs and
  • honor herself.

At friendship comments, I share some of the many joys friends provide each other.

One of my favorite friendship sayings is "make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold."

Friendship is perhaps the quickest solution provider in times of crisis and need. When you have a friend you can count on, someone you trust and knows has your best interest in her heart, you have something money can't buy.

That's why it's crucial for your child to understand the

Importance of Friendship

while she's young, so she can develop the skills of making and keeping friends throughout her life.

My 90 year old mom has a friend she still is close with after 85 years. They met when they were both 5. Imagine that!

Think my mom knows how to make and keep friends, you betcha!

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