A Friendship Saying Reminds Your Head of What Your Heart Knows

How fun it is to read a friendship saying that speaks both to your heart and mind.

One that makes you remember those friends not nearby, or a friend you haven't shared love with in awhile.

Friends are our most valuable and treasured assets.

Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation, for 'tis better to be alone than in bad company. ---George Washington

how to make new friends Parents and child educators play a key role in empowering children with making and keeping friends.

In fact, kids who learn how to keep friends, even more important than how to make new friends, can have lifetime friendships.

My mom learned the importance of frendship and has maintained a close friendship with Dolly for 85 years. That’s keeping a friend!

importance of friendship When you choose your friends, remember the old saying:
“You are judged by the company of the people you hang out with.”
In other words, be careful about the people you let into your heart.

Make friends with people who are healthy, who make you feel good naturally, who respect you and appreciate you as a unique person.

It’s actually pretty easy to make friends, once you know the value of friendship and the grasp the importance of friendship.

But to keep friends, you have to begin with being your own best friend.

When you don’t need friends to make you whole and happy, when you’re content with your own company and like hanging out with yourself, then you’re more selective in the friends you choose and keep.

Poems of Friendship

Here's one of my simple poems of friendship that demonstrates one of the qualities of friendship.

Friendship takes its time to grow;
friendship plows through ice and snow.

The poems teaches kids that friendships take time. Many people want instant gratification.

It's possible in many areas of life but friendships need time to prove themselves.

The results are that friends are there for each.

Just like the mailman who delivers your mail through ice storms and snow storms, through hail and sleet, through hot and humid days.

A beautiful friendship is one of life's greatest gifts, one you can't place a price tag on.

The true meaning of friendship knows giving.

The Importance of Friendship

Check out the importance of friendship to help further your understanding why kids need to learn the art and science of making and keeping friends early in life.

Your kids will thank you over and over for this gift!

Here's one last friendship saying to share with your loved ones:

Friendship makes you brave and bold.
Friendship gives you more than gold.

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