Parents & Guardians: Reduce Fear of Children and Cancer

Parents cringe at the mere mention of children and cancer. Cancer frightens people more than any other single word associated with health.

Yet I showed on breast cancer and prevention that the scientific, medical community has known the cause of breast cancer and all cancers since 1966. Nobel Laureate Otto Warburg stated that the lack of oxygen in our cells is the major cause of cancer.

That discovery should have brought an immediate and long lasting sigh of relief when discussing children and cancer.

Nothing scares a mom as much as the thought of her children and cancer being discussed in the same sentence.


Because with traditional medicine, the usual discussion immediately jumps to breast cancer medication as part of breast cancer treatment options, with little or no mention of cures for breast cancer.

With non-traditional, body mind medicine, any discussion of breast cancer treatment includes breast cancer info that minimizes or totally ignores breast cancer drugs, instead focusing on a wide range of possible treatments for breast cancer that are more gentle, and have proven success rates for healing.

Yet, in the discussion about cancer in general, including cancer and children, reputable doctors and medical researchers state show other causes of cancer as well.

My intention on this web page is to share you what I've come to know after researching cancer, especially cancer and diet.

As well, I’ll briefly mention other factors that researchers state cause cancer.

I want to empower you and your children so you can adapt a healthy lifestyle that dramatically increases the odds of preventing cancer.

Children and cancer is a touchy subject for many. I know the pain my nephew, and 2 nieces experience as children when cancer claimed my brother’s life.

My brother, father, stepfather, girl friend and her mother have died from cancer. My 90-year old mother reports dozens of her friends have died from cancer.

Many believe there are many ways to prevent cancer from spreading or to prevent cancer in the first place.

We are each unique individuals with our own destiny and our own path back to our Creator.

Who really knows why a person creates cancer?

There is strong, scientific data that suggests a high relationship between cancer and diet. And diet may be the cause of your cancer.

But is your cancer trying to teach you something else?

Perhaps you need to have a greater appreciation and love for life. Maybe you have to deepen your self-love and the only way the Creator sees fit to inspire you to action is through the cancer.

Is there a lesson to be learned from the gift of cancer you'll discover when you begin your healing journey?

What I can say with certainty is that after twenty-five years of researching alternative, complementary, holistic, body mind medicine, other factors often cause cancer despite a person eating an anti-cancer diet or cancer prevention diet.

We are whole human beings.

We must consider all aspects of ourselves in living a lifestyle that increases the odds we prevent disease from entering our body temple.

The thoughts we think, how much we love ourselves, the air we breathe, our exercise habits, the environment we live in, where we work, how honestly we express feelings and deal with our emotional well being all play a role in protecting us from cancer.

And diet plays a big role as well.

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