Jump Start Character Education Projects with Powerful Ideas

Every child loves feeling useful.

Character education projects often give them the opportunity to share their hearts with others while serving them. This is a priceless gift for your child AND the recipients of your child's service.

Here's an example of one project kids can do:
When I published my first childrens book, I approached schools with the idea that kids grow gardens and give the vegetables to needy Seniors. Educators loved the idea.

If you're a home schooling mom or WAHM,

  • round up the neighborhood kids,
  • find a plot of land (many towns and cities donate land for community gardens),
  • have kids approach garden supply stores for free seeds (tell them about all the publicity they'll get), and
  • you're well on your way to a successful project.

Other character education projects include having your kids visit Senior Centers. Your kids can work with the Activity Director to design a special project that benefits the Seniors.

It might mean

  • a talent show,
  • reading short stories,
  • having seniors describe the highlights of their lives,
are you beginning to get the wide range of choices available for character education projects?

What other character education projects might your kids engage in at the Senior Center?

Here's an outstanding list of possible projects that kids can do alone or with others.

Certain projects are abundant in character education lessons.


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