What Important Character Education Activities Do Kids Need?

Everyone your child interacts with shares character education activities with the child, even if only for a moment.

Yes, I know, some interactions last only a few seconds. But Quantum Physics has proven that thoughts are things and that everyone we interact with affects us.

Ever wonder why you can be feeling upbeat, on top of the world, full of energy and you enter a room full of depressing people and you come crashing down immediately?

That's because we all put out energy and affect one another.

Which is why it's important, imperative, even mandatory (if I dare use such a strong word), that you consciously teach your child the character traits you want them to live their lives by.

That's why it's necessary that you empower your kids with character building muscles so they're aware of the energy around them and of the positive, good, Godly character traits.

These character education activities are meant as a guide, a suggestion for you to become more aware that all your child's encounters with people, animals, even places, TV shows, books, etc. leave an impression on her.

How she responds or reacts to these meetings of energies with others determines how happy, satisfied, even successful she is in life (as a child, then as an adult).

Think a moment about the wide range of people in your life?

About who she sees when she

  • awakes in the morning,
  • goes off to school,
  • enters her classroom,
  • communicates with the kids in the lunchroom and on the playground,
  • greets the mailman,
  • gets inspired from her soccer coach, librarian and teacher,
the list is endless.

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