Cancer Prevention Diet - How to Kick Cancer On Its Butt Before Its Too Late

You can relax.

There is not just one cancer prevention diet to raise the odds you never have to deal with

  • breast cancer medication,
  • breast cancer treatment options, or
  • breast cancer drugs.

Instead, by offering you empowering anti cancer diet information, including breast cancer and prevention, we offer both prevention of cancer and cures for cancer, including breast cancer.

Let's begin empowering you with a cancer prevention diet:
Dr. Moerman's Anti-Cancer Diet - Holland's Revolutionary Nutritional Program for Combating Cancer, by Ruth Jochems (with a Forward by Linus Pauling), 1990.

There is a corresponding web site for this book: listing specific foods to avoid, foods to eat, and vitamin, mineral supplementation.

Dr. Moerman researched his anti cancer prevention diet for sixty years on animals and humans. His system was a trial-and-error basis and people volunteered for it.

He was a country medical doctor, which means that his patients had a good sense of who he was by his concern for them.

Although the book is out of print, a few copies were available at Amazon as of Feb, 2008.

"How can you prevent cancer," you're wondering.

"Of 202 studies on the association between vegetables and fruit and cancer risk that were examined by an American Institute for Cancer Research panel, an astounding 78 percent show that fruits and vegetables are cancer preventive," says Richard Rivlin, MD, director of the clinical nutrition research unit at Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. A Dietitian's Cancer Story, by Diana Dyer, 112 pages, Swan Press; 8th edition (April 5, 2002)

The China Study shows that animal-based foods are responsible for increasing blood cholesterol. Increased levels of blood cholesterol are linked with higher rates of cancers of the liver, rectum, colon, female lung, breast, childhood leukemia, and other cancers. (p. 78 - 79, The China Study).

"As intakes of meat, milk, eggs, fish, fat and animal protein go up, blood cholesterol goes up."

"As intakes of plant-based foods and nutrients, including plant protein, dietary fiber, soluble carbohydrates, B vitamins, fruit" and others go up, blood cholesterol goes down.(p. 80, The China Study).

What is fascinating is that the levels of blood cholesterol of the Chinese studied averaged 127 mg/dL compared to the American average of 215 mg/dL.

The researchers thought that the levels were so low that there may be health problems. (p. 84, The China Study).

However, the lower the cholesterol, the healthier the people, according to the research. AND "even with small amounts of animal-based food in rural China raised the risk of Western diseases (i.e., cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes, etc)." (p. 80, The China Study).

It's worth your effort to further investigate this strong link regarding nutrition for cancer, and what constitutes anti cancer diets.

Better health from this exhaustive study, which the New York Times termed "the Grand Prix of epidemiology" (p. 71, The China Study), is possible when you follow an anti cancer diet.

Less animal-based foods and more plant-based foods is a perfect diet for cancer patient and many believe is a diet that serves as a cancer prevention diet. It answers the question: what to eat for cancer!

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