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Does your heart yearn to be one of the authors for childrens books you read about in newspapers and magazines?

Do you have a love for writing stories that people love and you just have to be an author of childrens books?

Do you understand how little money most authors in general make and that childrens books authors make less than the average?

Of course there are exceptions but let's get clear on something: authors for childrens books usually are authors for reasons other than or in addition to making a good income.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, in other words, you're not going to get rich in dollars and cents unless you're exceptionally lucky or as talented as Dr. Seuss, for example, I can share some resources with you that might help you if you're wanting to be an author and writer of kids books.

Depending upon where you live, you can more than likely find a group of childrens books writers that can offer their perspective and experience. The Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators is a good place to connect with writers from around the USA.

When I lived in Idaho, I joined a writers group but it wasn't restricted to authors for childrens books. However, I loved the people in the group because life had humbled them sufficiently that none thought they were God's gift to the writing community. They were exceptionally helpful in critiquing my childrens book I was working on at the time.

Publishing Childrens Books - Some Success Stories, Some Not So Success Stories

Want to read a wide range of experiences from people who wanted to be authors for childrens books?

Here are people who decided they wanted more

  • control over content, money than 6% royalty fees,
  • freedom to market and how they chose, or
  • some other reason
they decided to be part of the growing field of self publishing childrens books.

(Scroll down the page until you find entries from authors for childrens books who submitted responses to Steve's site - his site is so full of excellent materials you may forget about mine. Please come back to see what else I have to say about publishing childrens books.

Here's info about a book about writing and self publishing your own book by an author who has managed to write, sell and market very successfully.

I bought The Well-Fed Self-Publisher: How to Turn One Book into a Full-Time Living.

It's an excellent account of one man's journey into the world of self-publishing. It's a must read if you're considering writing childrens books, whether you attempt to find a publisher or you choose to self-publish.

Or check out Children's Book Insider newsletter, for information about what it takes to be an author as well as marketing and sales information, i.e., where to market your books.

You receive monthly e-mail newsletters that keep you up-to-date on the needs of publishers and places where you can send your childrens book manuscripts.

Here's a site page where I've invited Authors of Childrens Books to rave and rant about the joys and hardships of writing and publishing/getting published as a childrens book author.

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