How Art Lessons in Character Education Deepen Character Traits

If you're fortunate enough to find art lessons in character education that complement your homeschool program or are stand-alone unit studies, your child gets the extra benefit of combining art and learning.

If you're in need of free art lessons, visit this very popular site and choose where to begin. (Don't forget to come back and finish reading about art lessons in character education).

For a bunch of ideas on how to incorporate art ideas into learning, check out art education ideas, which may stimulate your thinking mind into creating a project that combines art lessons with character education.

Here's a list of character traits to get you started.

One idea to have your child draw a picture of the quality traits she possesses. You might gain a fascinating insight into your child by the traits she chooses.

Not every child likes to draw, however, more than 90% of children are creative and can find some way to express artistically their own character traits.

They might choose to serve a senior a meal they make especially for someone who is on a restricted diet. Cooking a simple meal and serving it tastefully, perhaps with a small bunch of flowers, and a handmade card, is an artistic expression.

Most of the world only gives credit to artists who make their fortunes or earn their livelihoods through their art.

However, I believe we all are creative, except for many of us, we don't believe this and for others, their artistic skills were ridiculed or put down when they were youngsters and the child artist when into hiding.

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