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Empower Your Children to Deepen Their Understanding of Grief and Loss, So It’s Less Scary, Even if It’s Still Painful

Tired of Boring, Clinical, Often Redundant Books Available to Grieving Families?

Helping Your Child Deal Healthily with Death is a Life Long Gift She'll Thank You for Over & Over

Dear Friend and Loving Parent,
From the Desk of The Creative Maverick, Harvey Rosenberg

Regardless of one’s depth of spiritual connection to our Creator, we’re all still human.

We must engage in and live through the stages of grieving and loss.

Are you grieving a loved one whose soul is about to depart the earth plane or has recently passed on?

Do your children have difficult to answer questions about death and what happens to the person dying?

Would you like additional support to make this transition a bit simpler for you and your loved ones?

If you’re one of the millions of families worldwide enduring the grieving process, you need all the compassion, understanding and loving patience available to navigate this process healthily.

A Simple Solution Assists Your Grieving Heart

Our exceptional book can add an ounce or two of emotional support during this most trying of times.

This simple, straight-to-the-heart, touching book A Christmas Gift from Santa Maria is perfect reading for grieving families.

The book is geared for children ages 10 and older.

The writing is refreshing, lively, and metaphor-rich to help grieving family members endure their loss.

Here’s what one mother who recently lost her daughter stated:

“Harvey, I loved your story. It was so beautiful and engaging. What a wonderful story for all the families who are going through the process of watching their children get ready to go back to God.

"It gives comfort to the friends and families of these special children who God has blessed with a shortened sentence in this prison we are all living in.”

--Kathy Downing, Sebastopol, CA, Mother of child who passed on recently

A Christmas Gift from Santa Maria transports readers on a special journey. It shows how each member of a family, in her own special way, deals with the mysterious illness that strikes the daughter.

In compelling, gentle and powerful words, full of heartwarming and heart wrenching emotions, we become part of and witness each person’s struggle to accept God’s will.


  • challenges,
  • obstacles,
  • the “not wanting to believe this is happening to us”,
  • the pain, misery, and depths of depression family members experience, including anger at our Creator,
validate readers' feelings.

Sometimes these feelings embarrass or anger us, sometimes they sadden and hurt us, yet whatever feelings grieving family members have, the feelings are very real for them.

And for children experiencing these feelings and wanting to express them privately, our Unit Study: Helping Children with Grief and Loss offers a perfect complement to the story.

There are 15 drawing, reading, reflecting, and writing exercises and activities in the Unit Study.

These activities guide your children through expressing their feelings through the various activities in addition to talking about them.

Here’s what the Director of Arts and Education for the Circle of Life Hospice in Utah wrote:

“It is just beautiful.. you captured the pain and hope so exquisitely…
I kept thinking "what a gorgeous TV movie of the week" this would make.”
--Joseph Galata, Dir, Arts & Education, Circle of Life Hospice, Utah,

A Christmas Gift from Santa Maria helps deepen trust in God’s Divine Plan.

Pain and suffering, death and dying, change and transformation are all aspects of life we must encounter, endure and experience.

Each person is compelled to go through her own personal journey. However, it’s been conclusively demonstrated that support from caring friends, family, and professional help, such as counselors or hospice, make the grieving process more bearable.

Now we’d like to offer you additional support. A Christmas Gift from Santa Maria is easy to read, and rich with “picture words” that allow readers to feel as if they’re one or more of the family members in the story.

Here’s what one reader, who is also an author as well as a Life Coach, wrote:

“Wow, Harvey, I have never read anything so powerful before. I felt gripped in the story and couldn't stop until the end. Extremely vivid and clear imagery and my heart went into it as I read. Incredible.”

--Teri-E Belf, Author, Founder of S.U.N. (Success Unlimited Network)

As Much as We Hate to Admit It and Regardless of How Much Pain We Personally Suffer, When a Soul Returns Home, It’s Like a Small Kid Celebrating Christmas

We all know many people who depart their mortal bodies for their eternal Home.

You know how grieving families experience a whole range of feelings and emotions during these challenging, painful, though for some, joyous times.

For me, when my wife passed on recently, I was actually relieved and grateful she no longer had to suffer the pains and torments she’d been going through the past 10 years due to her life threatening illness.

I know that happiness and joy are not feelings normally expressed or experienced by most people who lose a loved one, yet this is how I felt. And there was nothing wrong with these feelings.

A Christmas Gift from Santa Maria can help you or your grieving family members to further support the wide range of feelings caused by the departure of their loved one. A mother whose daughter was diagnosed with cancer wrote:

“Harvey, that story was very sweet and special. It seems so true to me, and that little child, Maria, did have God smiling deeply into her soul and heart.

"I do believe that coping with great physical/emotional struggles can lead to great strength and blessing when we are able to allow ourselves to be so vulnerable in the world.”

Jane Ricard, Massachusetts, mom, whose daughter was diagnosed with cancer

Let’s face it, how many inspiring, refreshing, uplifting books exist on the marketplace for grieving families? Aren’t most of the books available to families kind of clinical, redundant and somewhat boring?

A Christmas Gift from Santa Maria definitely isn’t boring or clinical or redundant.

From beginning to end, the story grips its readers and supports an angle of vision totally in harmony with hospice to help grieving family members to more readily accept their loss.

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    2. Helping Children with Grief and Loss Unit Studycomplements the story with 15 drawing, reading, reflecting, and writing exercises and activities that give your child a broad range of activities to express her raw feelings.

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